SMA905 energy fiber connector

The SMA905 connector manufactured by 3V has high precision and good core concentricity. Using our products, you can greatly improve the rate of finished product.

Product Features:

Integrated connector

Corrosion resistant, 304 stainless steel joint, can be used continuously in extreme environment

SMA905 / 906 connector, stainless steel ferrule, very suitable for large core diameter fiber

Standard joints or hex nut joints contain stress relief sheaths for Ø Crimping sleeve and joint cap for 3 mm sleeve

High quality large core diameter quartz fiber (UV fiber, glass cladded step-index multimode fiber)

Optional curing with high-temperature resistant adhesive or epoxy free assembling technology,finely grinded endface, with good coupling and high light transmittance. to protect the large core diameter energy optical fibers, we could choose verious coatings such as PVC, TPU, LSZH, Teflon high-temperature resistant protective tube, armored protective tube, metal hose, etc. according to different applications.