What is Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF)

Polarization Maintaining Fiber (PMF) refers to a special type of fiber that has strong birefringence and can maintain the polarization state of linearly polarized light in a specific polarization direction for transmission. There are usually two ways to introduce birefringence effect. One is formal birefringence, such as elliptical core fiber achieved by changing the shape of the fiber core; Another more commonly used method is stress birefringence, which usually requires changing the internal mechanical stress structure. The more common ones are panda type polarization maintaining fibers and bow tie type polarization maintaining fibers. Due to the polarization retention characteristics of polarization maintaining fibers, they can achieve more precise optical systems and enhance the system's anti-interference ability to the external environment. They are widely used in various fields such as fiber lasers, fiber optic gyroscopes, aerospace, navigation, industrial manufacturing, and fiber optic communication.
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Standard single-mode SM fiber array

Custom Multi-mode MM fiber array

Polarization Maintaining PM fiber array

Custom SM+MM mixed fiber array

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42.5°angle polished fiber array

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Custom lidless fiber array

Custom Miniature fiber array

MFD conversion fiber array

lensed fiber array

fiber-protruding fiber array,

hermetically sealed fiber array

2-dimensional(2D) fiber array

and even other customized fiber array with special pitch,special fiber,special channel.