SIMM High Power Multimode laser energy optical fibre 200um 400um 600um 800um

SIMM High Power Multimode laser energy optical fibre 200um 400um 600um 800um

Model No.︰200/400/600/800

Brand Name︰3V-TECH

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1 / Meter

Minimum Order︰100 Meter

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Product Description

Silica-cladding multimode fiber with step index profile are comprehensively optimized at both 850um and 1300nm operating wavelengths.At both wavelengths,extremely low attenuation could be achieved.To satisify the demand of client to the most extent,a series of silica-cladding step index multimode fiber can be customized with different fiber designs,including core diameter,cladding diameter,fiber diameter and NA.

Fiber are manufactured with the advanced Plasma Activated Chemical Vapor Deposition(PCVD) process. Due to the inherent advantages if this process,fibers have extremely precise refractive index profiles(RIPS) to provide excellent gometrical,optical,enviromental and mechanical properties.


Customization Information:

Flexible numerical aperture(NA):0.10-0.34

Flexible core-cladding diameter ratio(CCDR):1.05-1.4

Core diameter:40um-800um

High strength fiber



High coupling effiency to LED and laser sources

High power transmission

Excellent stripping performance

Applications from visible to near infrared



Fiber sensor and laser transmission

Data communications,local area networks and CATV

Medical apparatus

Optical devices and connectors

Payment Terms︰ T/T

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